GoodFaith Medical Transportation Company, Inc.

Brief History of Business

GoodFaith Medical Transportation Company, Inc. (GoodFaith) has been serving select cities in the Counties of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino for over twenty-seven years now, providing ambulatory, wheelchair and gurney transportation services. Our principal office is located at 820 North E Street, San Bernardino, CA 92410.

Our key strength is that we are family owned and operated. For over twenty-seven years, we have continued to believe that our company values, combined with our caring personal touch and a team of dedicated employees make for a winning combination. Our family’s philosophy has always been “we are always willing to work a little harder! Our clients see the true spirit of service when it comes from the heart”.

Our employees are carefully selected and provided with proper training in the areas of safety and patient care. All drivers possess CPR/First Aid/Oxygen Administration Training/Blood Borne Pathogens Certificates and have passed the DL-51 (physical check-up), drug/alcohol testing, random drug test, background check and defensive training. We have good selected drivers who have been trained on how to deal with mentally challenged patients and have successfully completed the Management and Assaultive Training program. Our drivers are also trained in proper oxygen administration. They wear the properly required uniforms and carry proper identification cards. Our office staff are bilingual and are carefully selected and trained to give nothing but the best customer service in person or over the telephone.

We operate a fleet of ambulatory, wheelchair and gurney accessible vehicles with the GPS tracking system. Our vehicles meet all Federal, State and local requirements needed to transport ambulatory, wheelchair and gurney patients to and from their medical appointments. These vans are equipped with ADA certified hydraulic lifters for patients on wheelchairs, have provisions for gurney patients, front and rear air/heat, raised doors/ceilings for our patients’ safety and convenience and carry the required insurance. We also have IMS dropped-floor minivans available for easier access of wheelchair and ambulatory patients. These vehicles are equipped with two way communication system. All vehicles are equipped with cameras.


GoodFaith Medical Transportation Company, Inc. has a certified small business status with the State of California.

We are an equal opportunity employer. We are here to give every applicant an opportunity to have a better life, regardless of color, race or gender. We take pride in treating all of our valued employees with dignity and respect.

We have contracts with some of the most respected hospitals in the Inland Empire serving such facilities like Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, Loma Linda University Medical Center, St. Bernardine Medical Center, Community Hospital of San Bernardino, and Redlands Community Hospital. We currently transport the mentally challenged (5150) patients of Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, Department of Behavioral Health (DBH), St. Bernardine Medical Center to name a few. We also serve hospices and nursing home in the surrounding areas.

We are here to meet our clients’ changing needs with an ever-increasing quality of service. Our vision is clear. Our mission is sure. Our values are certain. Our strategy is proven.